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Post Production. Photo.Retouch.Design.Scan.Revise.Print.Publish.Enjoy.

Your one stop visual graphics shop.



I am dedicated to your vision. Using clear communication I will work with you through every stage of the creative process, from concept to implementation and delivery.

Working with industry professionals and photography enthusiasts, I pride myself on using a high-skill set, attention to detail and professional attitude.

Quality is the cornerstone of my business.

~ Daniel


Custom photography.  $125 / hour + expenses + retouching.

Non Destructive Editing

Our non-destructive editing ensures quick and easy revisions if needed.

Large Format Printing

Need a print? We have a solution for you. With our 3rd party printing, your order can be shipped directly to your door.


Commercial retouching makes your photos look their best at $100 / hour.

Colour Accuracy

Calibrated workstations guarantee you get an accurate result every time.

Web Design

We can quickly help you set up an online portfolio using our partner web services.

Screen Share

Using Zoom screen sharing software, sharing my screens with you has never been easier.

Film / Print Scanning

Get the most detail and sharpness out of your film and prints with our professional scanners.

Timed Work

All our work is timed using productivity software, you get charged only what time we use.

Online File Delivery

Know your completed job is going to you and your clients safely via WeTransfer.

Raw Processing

16Bit workflow provides the utmost detail from processing to completion.

In Person Review

Due to Safety protocols, all in person review is suspended at the moment. Sometimes emails just do not convey your vision, personal review helps to finalize it. G.T.A. only.

Data Storage and File Renaming

Images will be clearly labeled upon delivery, and stored in our archive for a minimum of 6 months.

Custom Photography

Have an idea for a new project or need some new marketing material? Get a quote for some custom photography today. All photography services are charged at $125/hour + expenses + retouching.


Professional retouching services enhance and refine your images making them look their best. Retouching is a collaborative effort. Your vision, my skills. $100/hr.

Close Cropping

Are you or your client looking to design a brochure or flyer with your images? Make it look modern and sleek by removing ugly backgrounds. The “magic wand” will not do; close cutting services are for you!  Extract those pesky hairs and make your product look great.

Large Format Printing

Tired of disappointing results when you print? Use our calibrated printing services for accurate prints. Our printing is split into three categories.

  • Tier 1 Matte | Bond $15.00 / Sq-Ft.
  • Tier 2 Satin | Glossy $18.00 / Sq-Ft.
  • Tier 3 Fine Art | Metallic $24.00 / Sq-Ft.

Whether exhibiting at a gallery show or sending RGB or CMYK proofs to your client, our Canon iPF8100 44″ printer can get the job done. Tight quality control ensures your print order is accurate. Click here for a list of standard print prices.

Publish Books

Looking to create a book? Using outsourced book publishers we can help you design a book to get that project published.

Website Design

Need a quick portfolio up online? With a quick wordpress template we can have you share your images with the rest of the world. Some examples,, and

High End Scanning

Transparencies and negatives can be tricky to scan and colour correct. Let us help! We can scan almost all types of film including 35mm, 120mm and 4×5. Our industry leading scanners will get the most detail from your analog media. We use a Hasselblad Imacon 949 Flextight film and Epson V500 Perfection flatbed scanners. Hasselblad Imacon_949 & Epson V500

Online and In Person Review

Our optional online review system makes it easy to collaborate during the creative process. All parties can mark up, compare, and comment on the images during the digital imaging process. Our system supports multiple users at one time, so you can add your client and forget about being the middleman for communication between all parties involved.

Colour Accuracy

Professional images demand perfect colour; our entire workflow is custom profiled for accurate colour, from on-screen review to in-house printing. A 16bit workflow is kept throughout the digital imaging process providing the highest level of quality.

RGB to CMYK Colour Conversions

Looking to send your project to press? Are you publishing a book or printing a bulk order? Well hold on for just one moment! Your images are in RGB. Doing a proper conversion is essential for accurate colour representation, both in the file and the final product itself. We can provide colour accurate proofs. Conversion to CMYK is an essential step to achieve accurate results.

File Renaming

File management can be a headache if not done correctly. Simply by moving files that are not renamed you can accidentally overwrite your finished version. We rename all of our completed images into the following categories.

  • 16Bit RGB TIFF Archival
  • 8Bit RGB or CMYK TIFF Final
  • 8Bit JPG Web
  • 8Bit TIFF Print

Mac OSX users will be able to view their completed images with particular coloured tags to help with file management.

File Transmission / Courier Delivery

Upload and receive your files using WeTransfer. Send all files to Your order can be shipped via Courier (in GTA) or internationally via the mail. Delivery rates are based on courier/shipping costs, which can be estimated during the quote.

Data Storage and File Renaming

Rest assured your project is safe and secure for a minimum of 6 months after job completion. 


Video production and editing is not my expertise, but I am always keen to expand my video portfolio and learn new skills.

Pavilion of the Blind

©Jennifer Marmam and Daniel Borins –

Envision. Create. Enjoy. Today.

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